About us

The Bulk Liquids Industry Association Inc. (BLIA) is the national association of companies and organisations involved in the movement of bulk liquids between ship and shore. The representation also includes landside logistic suppliers and end users.

The Bulk Liquids Industry Association was granted Incorporation in the state of New South Wales effective from 27 March 2007 and became known as Bulk Liquids Industry Association Incorporated Inc 9887237.

Membership is divided into two specific groups:

(a)  Corporate Member who is the primary representative of a company or entity involved in a bulk liquids industry supply chain.

(b) Associate Member being a person employed in the same company as a Corporate Member.

Statement of Purpose

  • To collectively represent the interests of companies engaged in the import, export or chartering, storage or shipping of bulk liquid cargoes in Australia on common issues.
  • To provide a forum and information exchange for member companies and industry in general.
  • To provide networking opportunities for member companies.

Service to Members

On behalf of members BLIA will:

  • Liaise with relevant port authorities to improve the economics and efficiency of bulk liquids movements into and out of Australian ports.
  • Be an effective focal point and represent members’ interests relating to existing or proposed legislation, industrial agreements or awards.
  • Provide a fast response capability in the event of waterfront industrial action.
  • Provide a forum for industry debate on relevant matters.


  • In 1979, a major industrial dispute arose on the Sydney waterfront concerning the transfer of bulk liquids handling from Port Jackson to new receiving facilities at Port Botany.
  • At a meeting of companies associated with the import of bulk liquids, the Bulk Liquids Industry Association was formed and immediately addressed the problem.
  • The dispute was subsequently resolved, and the founders perceived an ongoing need for an overarching industry group.
  • Since then other disputes have been overcome with minimal disruption to the industry; and BLIA is recognised as the voice of the bulk liquids industry on waterfront matters.
  • BLIA provides a forum for discussion where members can obtain advice and assistance in addressing industrial issues, such as labour disputes and port operations improvement.
  • BLIA has and will continue to highlight inadequacies in proposed legislation and regulations to the appropriate authorities.