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The Bulk Liquids Industry Association Inc. is the national association of companies and organisations involved in the movement of bulk liquids between ship and shore. The representation also includes land-side logistic suppliers and end users.

The Bulk Liquids Industry Association was granted Incorporation in the state of New South Wales effective from 27 March 2007 and became known as Bulk Liquids Industry Association Incorporated Inc. 9887237

The association is administered by a Committee of Management elected by members at the Annual General Meeting.

The  Executive elected at the 2016 Annual General Meeting were: –

PRESIDENT………Gordon Lasker General Manager Stolt-Nielsen

VICE PRESIDENT….Greg Croaker Business Manager Quality Logistic Services Australia [QLSA]

  • Greg also heads up the Operations sub committee

TREASURER…………………… Allan Whale FBT Transwest

  • Allan also heads up the Membership sub committee

PUBLIC OFFICER….Shayne Johnson  General Manager Western Tank Services

SECRETARY……… Michael Halley [Michael B Halley]


  • The next meeting  will be held in Melbourne  0n 1st June 2017
  • It will be the 2017 Annual General Meeting for election of office bearers.
  • It is planned to be a mid afternoon start with extended time for networking after the formal proceedings
  • Place and guest presenter will be promulgated to members.
  • The guest presenter will be Peter Anderson CEO of Victorian Transport Association. Main topic will be increased toll road charges.


A survey of members was made  so the Committee could gauge the needs and wants. Here is a summary of the advice received:-

BLIA_2014 Survey summary


  • Orica is now trading as IXOM Operations.
  • Redox Pty Ltd has joined the association


The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development has received our submission in response to the Coastal Shipping Reforms Discussion Paper.

Coastal Shipping Reforms Discussion Paper BLIA Final

More details are contained at:-


BLIA, Port of Melbourne Corporation [PoMC] and NSW Ports are cooperating in the projects organised by the Port Authorities for remedial and capital works on the berths that service the Bulk Liquids Industry.

The main thrust of BLIA is to ensure that the bulk liquid berths in both cities are not taken out of service at the same time.

In Melbourne the PoMC works are at No 1 Maribyrnong and Holden Dock. The latter is the berth handling petroleum and is not involved with chemicals and the like.

In Sydney the discrete Bulk Liquid Berths [BLB1 and BLB2] is where product for BLIA members is discharged.

Information about current status is contained in About Us page

No. 1 Maribyrnong Co-ordination Group is made up of Port and  representatives of three terminals that are BLIA members .

BLIA executive has formed an Operations Sub-committee that will be part of the port’s working groups.


BLIA and the Plastics and Chemicals Association [PACIA] on behalf of their members and the industries they represent contacted  the CEO of Port of Melbourne Corporation, the Premier and appropriate Ministers regarding extension of the leases at Coode Island.

The action led to a positive outcome. Further details are shown in the About Us pages.


Following a fatal crash in metropolitan Sydney involving a bulk liquid tanker where it was determined that the vehicle was un-roadworthy, the regulatory authorities grounded the fleet of the transport company involved.

National Bulk Tanker Association [NBTA] convened meetings of members and invited BLIA members to participate

See further details in ABOUT US pages.


Oil Companies and International Marine Forum [OCIMF] and Chemical Distribution Institute [CDI] release new information paper Linked Ship/Shore Emergency Shutdown Systems for Oil and Chemical Transfers. 

CDI is an Associate member of BLIA and has provided the following information:-

CDI Press release for SSESD v2 190417


Brendan Bourke Chief Executive Officer Port of Melbourne advised on 29 November 2016.

The recent lease of the Port of Melbourne (PoM) saw the new owners take control of the port’s commercial operations and assets with effect from 1 November 2016. Led by a consortium of shareholders with global expertise in infrastructure asset management, the award of the fifty year lease represents the latest chapter in the port’s long history of adaptation and renewal.

The Port has a long and proud heritage and the change in ownership provides for that tradition to be continued in a way that delivers enhanced opportunities to grow the business and improve service to our customers and stakeholders.

I am pleased to take up the role of Chief Executive Officer and, along with the PoM team and I look forward to working with you to deliver world class, safe, responsible and reliable port facilities and services.

As long term infrastructure investors, our shareholders have a shared vision to work collaboratively with customers and stakeholders to drive supply chain efficiency and optimise the performance of the port. We recognise that we are all working together as part of a broader port community and it is the vibrancy and mutual benefit across the port community that we will seek to leverage. This collaboration includes reaching out beyond the port boundaries and recognising the important role of the community interface within the operations and future vision of Melbourne as a city port.

Whilst we are very excited to get on with developing this shared vision, we are also mindful to remain focused on the business and activities of our port today in particular, the activities that are keeping us focused include;

  • At Webb Dock, the Victorian International Container Terminal is well on the way to delivering Phase 1 of the Terminal, to be ready for operation by 31 December 2016.
  • Working with the State Government, Western Distributor Authority and Transurban as they plan one of the city’s most significant infrastructure projects.

Over the remainder of the year I will be working closely with the PoM team to understand the business and the opportunities to ensure informed engagement in the New Year. Our key contacts within the business remain largely unchanged and I would encourage you to reach out and engage directly.

I welcome your ongoing support of the Port of Melbourne and look forward to exploring the full range of opportunities and possibilities ahead for this vibrant and integrated port.


The Port of Melbourne circulated information about the Reference Tariff Schedule to be applied on 1 July 2017

BLIA responded as shown in the following:-

 2017 Reference Tariff Schedule_PoM. submission docx


In response from a request from members a quarterly newsletter is produced and promulgated.

The newsletters contain information that is of general information to members. The  publication is targeted for the change of season.

Tapping In Autumn 2017_


Tapping In Spring 2016_

Tapping In Winter 2016_

Tapping In Autumn 2016

Tapping In Summer 2015 

Tapping In . Spring 2015

Tapping In Winter 2015 

Tapping In First edition