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The Bulk Liquids Industry Association Inc. is the national association of companies and organisations involved in the movement of bulk liquids between ship and shore. The representation also includes landside logistic suppliers and end users.

The Bulk Liquids Industry Association was granted Incorporation in the state of New South Wales effective from 27 March 2007 and became known as Bulk Liquids Industry Association Incorporated Inc. 9887237

The association is administered by a Committee of Management elected by members at the Annual General Meeting.

The 2014 Executive elected at the Annual General Meeting were: –

PRESIDENT………Gordon Lasker General Manager Stolt-Nielsen

VICE PRESIDENT….Greg Croaker Business Manager Quality Logistic Services Australia [QLSA]

PUBLIC OFFICER….Shayne Johnson  General Manager Western Containers

SECRETARY……… Michael Halley [Michael B Halley]

BLIA has an alliance with the Melbourne ISO Club and members are invited to the monthly luncheon organised by that group. BLIA members are also mailed a copy of the ISO Club Activities Newsletter.


  • Meeting 138 of the Bulk Liquids Industry Association will be held on Friday 26th of June 2015
  • Venue  Port Education Centre Lorimer Street Port Melbourne
  • Commencing at 11.00am followed by Lunch
  • The meeting will also be the AGM.


A survey of members was made recently so the Committee could gauge the needs and wants. Here is a summary of the advice received:-

BLIA_2014 Survey summary


  • Changes at Vopak Australia Terminal Port Botany.Leo Brons has a new role as Global Account Director at  Vopak Head Office in Rotterdam.New  Managing Director is Mr Fulco van Geuns.[ or  0437 907 308. ]
  • FBT Transwest has changed email addresses now Christian name
  • The delegate at  Dow Chemicals has changed from Wayne Dwyer to Christopher Kouloyan ANZ Country Logistics Leader
  • Jim Pullin at NSW Ports Botany retired in July 2014 and has become a Grey Nomad.
  • Further south at Port Kembla Ray Smith also retired in July of 2014.
  • Wayne Ashton newly appointed Bulk Liquids Berth Manager will assume the responsibilities at both Ports.
  • Sydney Ports Corporation  withdrew from membership when NSW Ports took over responsibility for Bulk Liquids handling.
  • Orica is now trading as IXOM Operations.


BLIA and the Plastics and Chemicals Association [PACIA] on behalf of their members and the industries they represent contacted  the CEO of Port of Melbourne Corporation, the Premier and appropriate Ministers regarding extension of the leases at Coode Island.

The action led to a positive outcome. Further details are shown in the About Us pages.


Following a fatal crash in metropolitan Sydney involving a bulk liquid tanker where it was determined that the vehicle was un-roadworthy, the regulatory authorities grounded the fleet of the transport company involved.

National Bulk Tanker Association [NBTA] convened meetings of members and invited BLIA members to participate

See further details in ABOUT US pages.


 Message received from Nick Easy CEO Port of Melbourne Corporation on 27 May 2014

 With regard to the Victorian Government’s intention to seek private sector interest for a medium term lease of the Port of Melbourne, I bring to your attention today’s announcement by the Premier which coincides with the introduction of legislation this week.

The Port Lease Transaction is being overseen by the Department of Treasury and Finance who have prepared a website with additional information.



The various Port Authorities advise clients of variances to tariffs. BLIA Inc. also gets some advices and promulgates to members.

Port Authorities detail charges on their web sites which are listed on our Members Page .

Updated 27 May 2015

Port of Melbourne Corporation (PoMC) today released its 2015-16 Reference Tariff Schedule (RTS) for port charges which will apply from 1 July 2015.

After considering feedback from stakeholders in response to the Industry Information Paper released in March 2015, PoMC can advise that the overall increase in its fees and charges has been capped at CPI of 2.75% in line with the CPI rate used in the 2015-16 Victorian State Budget.

In determining the price adjustment for 2015-16, PoMC has taken into consideration a range of factors including industry cost pressures and subdued trading conditions.

To limit the RTS adjustment, PoMC will absorb the forecast under-recovery of the Port Licence Fee (PLF) of around $1 million which will not flow through to the new tariff charges.

PoMC  harmonisation strategy for wharfage tariffs applied to the import and export of bulk liquid cargo through the Port of Melbourne concludes in 2015-16 with one standard rate for bulk liquid cargo of $4.02 (plus GST) per tonne or cubic metre applicable from 1 July 2015.

The prices outlined in the RTS, together with the Essential Services Commission’s regulatory regime, will remain in place for the financial year 2015-16.

PoMC values the contribution made by the liquid bulk industry to the Port of Melbourne and will continue to work with the industry to meet its requirements.

A copy of PoMC  2015-16 RTS is available on website:


To limit the RTS adjustment, PoMC will absorb the forecast under-recovery of the Port Licence Fee (PLF) of around $1 million in the year ended 30 June 2014.

Full details available at…. Licence Fee